Based on what you have learned to the end of Module 5, outline in point form an interdisciplinary marketing strategy you could use to promote yourself via a portfolio website.

  • Create a reputation for my brand by cross-promoting myself on portfolio sites such as The Loop and Behance. Engage in design talks and conferences (AGDA and UX Australia events), and write regularly on design topics on well-known design blogs and magazines. Use these tools to also link back to my website to help promote my brand.
  • Use SEO to ensure my website organically appears in the top results for search engines. This will improve the awareness of my brand as people generally use Google to find designers by searching general terms (i.e. graphic designer Melbourne)
  • Use social media to promote my brand. Instagram can prove useful for posting behind-the-scenes of projects or completed/finished projects. LinkedIn is an excellent place to network with fellow designers and recruiters, and to post regularly about design and related topics. Facebook is also an excellent social media tool for providing updates on any new additions to the website, and what I’ve been working on recently; as well as promoting any other events I have coming up or other blog posts I have written.
  • Business cards will be good to hand out at public speaking and networking events or conferences. Although they may seem slightly old fashioned, they still serve as a good reminder of my details and website URL, and there are still many in and outside of the design industry, that consider business cards to be a professional method of contact and communication between potential clients and interested folk. They also serve to act as a mini form of marketing to catch the eye of future clients. Flyers are also an effective method to promote my brand to local areas and stores.
  • Reach out to existing visitors with a MailChimp newsletter to update customers on any of my brand’s news and current/future developments. It’s also a good way to keep my brand in people’s minds, so when they receive the newsletter, they’ll think of me.
  • If I ever want to promote myself further as a freelance business, I could also use Google Remarketing and Social Media advertising to bring users back to my website.