What is the function of Categories and Tags within WordPress and how have you utilised these?

Categories and Tags are used on WordPress as a simple way for WordPress users to sort out their content and to keep everything compiled and organised within their site. They also improve the SEO of a website and its usability, so users can quickly find the correct content they are looking for.

Categories are for general grouping of posts within WordPress. When creating categories, it’s generally a good rule to create broad groupings of content types, which can be used for a group of blog posts. For instance, you’ll see in my blog posts that I have grouped them all in the DID601A category, as they all relate to the questions in the DID601A assignment brief.

Tags, however, are more specific to each post. It’s generally a good rule to use keywords or phrases found in the blog post, for example this blog post has ‘category’ and ‘tags’ in the tags.